An Introduction!

Hello and welcome to my little space on the web! My name is Lindsay and I live in the heart of the Midwest with my husband of 10 years and 9 year old son. I’m a bit of a chronic hobbyist. I love trying new things! I’ve done everything from soap and candle making, to jewelry making and I’m starting to dabble in leatherworking. But I’ve always had a love for growing things. Growing up, my mother always had, and still has amazing flower beds and an ability to make anything grow. So color me so excited that I was able to have a green thumb like hers.

I’ve never not had a garden, big or small. Just doesn’t feel right not to have SOMETHING growing.

2014 Garden

Our “square foot garden” from 2014. Probably one of the biggest we’ve had!

So I am using this blog as a sort of garden diary, sharing what I am growing, how things are going, successes and missteps, ect. You can also view my flower photography in the Gallery section of the site (accessible by the menu at the very top of the page!)

I hope you follow a long with me on this gardening adventure, and feel free to offer advice, as I still consider myself a garden novice!




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