My “Germination Station”

Let me show you how I started my seedlings this year!

I had some luck germinating my lettuce seedlings in the greenhouse itself. But once the lettuce got bigger, I had to keep the greenhouse cooler so they wouldn’t wilt, so that wasn’t conducive to quickly germinating seedlings.

So I put together my little “Germination Station”. It’s so easy, and I bet you already have all the supplies you need!

If you are an avid gardener like myself, and love growing things by seed, then I’m sure you have a few of these laying around gathering dust:


Well bust those bad boys out! And those Christmas lights you just put in the closet a couple months ago? Grab a strand, because that’s really all you need to get started!

Step 1: Flip a lid (you’ll need 2) over and wind a strand of Christmas lights all inside the lid, leaving the tail with the plug in out.


Step 2: Nest the bottom tray inside of the lid. This is where you will put your cell packs.


Step 3: Put the other clear lid on top of your bottom black tray and plug in your lights. Simple as that!


Here is a few pictures I snapped as I was germinating some seedlings about a month ago:


It gets downright tropical in there!IMG_0419.JPG                          If you look really closely, you can see my little Coleus seedlings!

If you have concerns with the heat given off by the Christmas lights, I have had no problems. I’m paranoid about fire hazards myself, and I felt the bottom of the lid that contained the lights, and while it was warm, it was never hot to the touch. I have had it on nonstop for days at a time, and at no point did the lights get close to melting into the plastic.

Have you tried something similar? Let me know!

Thanks for reading!

– Lindsay


One thought on “My “Germination Station”

  1. Loved your blog!….love all the pictures too!


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