The Greenhouse

Last year, my husband gifted me a 6×8 hobby greenhouse from Harbor Freight. I love this thing! I’m sure I’m under utilizing it right now, but I’m learning as I’m going.


As for my new greenhouse, I laid down some pea gravel on the sides and made a walkway down the middle with nice red 12×12 pavers. I’m quite pleased with how it has turned out!


I’ve mainly used to to over winter my hydrangeas and experiment with cold weather crops such as swiss chard and lettuce. So far I have had good luck!

I have been alternating between a small utility heater and a small fan, depending on the outside temperature. The heater keeps things 15-20 degrees warmer inside on super cold days, which I am very happy about!

Here are a few more pictures:

Do you have a hobby greenhouse? If so, I would love to see or hear about your set ups!

Thanks for reading!



One thought on “The Greenhouse

  1. Sarah McMullen

    Love seeing pictures of your green house, and the plants you are growing in it.


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