My Aha Moment

Guys, I had an “aha moment” the other day. Spring in the Midwest always means one thing: Severe Thunderstorms. We’re right smack dab in tornado alley. So, more often than not, we get a lot of strong winds.

I had just planted my little lettuce and chard seedlings in my newfangled raised garden bed (post about that coming soon!). So I was a worried garden momma. I didn’t want my poor little seedlings to get pummeled in the wind and rain. Not after all that hard work!

So I looked for any way I could find to shield them from the elements. I tried pinning a woven tarp to the gutters of my greenhouse and let them drape over the side of the raised bed. That didn’t work, the tarp just blew into the bed itself. So I stuck some sticks into the dirt to help keep it propped off of the bed. Still didn’t work.

So I looked in the greenhouse to see what would possibly work, and it was staring me right in the face! My terra cotta pots! I had several of them just stacked up in the corner unused.

So I flipped those little suckers upside down and placed them over my seedlings. I made sure that the hole wasn’t directly over my seedling, so that the rain could still get through the hole and water the dirt around the seedling itself.


AND, the pots were heavy enough that I wouldn’t have to worry about them blowing off in the wind. I was short a couple small pots so I ran to Wally World and bought three more small ones for $ .77 a piece. Can’t beat that kind of price!

I sure hope my aha moment helps you all out this wet and rainy spring season!


One thought on “My Aha Moment

  1. You are one smart cookie!….so glad you found a solution to protect those little seedlings!…good job!


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