Weekend Project: Raised Garden Bed

So I was browsing Walmart’s website, like we all do, when I came across this heck of a deal: A raised bed that was normally over $200 was on sale for $99 you guys!! (currently $109 as of 4/11/17)

Raised Bed Walmart

I had been toying with the idea of a raised bed like this since early last year, but didn’t want to pay out the rear for it.

I showed my husband and asked him how big the bed was and if it was a good deal. His response (and one of the many reasons why I love this man): “I can make you one bigger and better for probably less.”


He mentioned we had some lumber from other weekend projects laying around that we could use to cut down costs. So off we went!!

We still had the lumber from our old raised bed in storage that we took to his work and put on the planer. That stuff looked brand new!

I even had the materials to make the legs. All I needed was a couple 4×12’s from Lowes for the sides. $30 bucks no biggie.

IMG_0402.JPGHere’s an in-progress picture. I used our re-planed old garden bed material for the bottom planks. The new lumber we bought we cut into the walls.

More construction pics:

Don’t be fooled by the skinny legs, this sucker is sturdy. I was worried once I filled it with dirt, they wouldn’t hold, but I’ve had it up and running for at least 3 weeks now and no issues!

Walmart’s raised bed dimensions were: 48.50″ x 22.50″ x 30.00″ (LxWxH)

Mine ended up being: 72″x24″x33″ (LxWxH)

And since I reused a lot of lumber, it cut my costs way down, so with building materials and weed fabric combined, I probably spent only $45-50.

That’s a win in my book!

“But Lindsay,” you must ask, “isn’t it going to cost you a fortune to fill that bad boy up?”

Great question! I will enlighten you on how I did it in my next entry! So please check back!


One thought on “Weekend Project: Raised Garden Bed


    Your raised bed looks well made, Jerry did a excellent Job. You can grow several things in that big boy.


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